48 – An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness


The author who is an advocate for the homeless, was alarmed by the growing problem of homelessness in his Las Vegas community, so he wanted to do something that would raise awareness of homelessness.

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On his daily route to and from work, he’d see scores of homeless individuals camped out on sidewalks. Despite his regular efforts to provide hygiene kits, water, and sometimes food to those in need, he still felt a strong sense of hopelessness. He wanted to do something that would be impactful, but he did not know what that would entail. One day, he crossed paths with a homeless woman at the gym and was inspired to pursue a radical plan: He would go undercover as a homeless man for forty-eight hours. His wife thought he was crazy and was concerned for his safety, but he courageously pushed forward. Join the author as he reveals what he learned begging for money in the desert while trying to raise awareness of homelessness. Ground shipping costs… $3 Priority Mail… $7

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